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Christmas Gift Ideas from CodeChangers!

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  • December 11, 2018
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ST. GEORGE, Utah, Nov. 26, 2018 – “Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat…” and we all know that “it’s the most wonderful time of the year!”



Excuse us. We’re just… excited about Christmas. But who isn’t? Now as Christmas is getting closer, thinking of gifts to give can be tricky. But we got you covered! There are many technological toys that are great for teens and kids alike. (Adults too!)

Here are our recommendations on what to get your loved ones this Christmas!


summer code camp after school program ozobots projects

Ozobots are tiny, line-following robots that are just as engaging as they are educational! You see, these little robots are designed to follow lines and codes that you can draw! If you draw a certain color combination, the Ozobots will do a trick! Put your Ozobot with its iPad app, it will do rad dance moves. Essentially this little robot introduces how code can interact and influence a physical object. Plus we think they’re pretty cute.


summer code camp micro watch project

Micro:Bits are user-friendly microcontrollers (essentially mini-computers) that can be programmed to do endless projects. From being a tiny watch to a LED name plate these little guys can perform a ton of different activities! Users of the micro:bit can be introduced to programming by coding different activities with block code (code that is put into blocks to help the user see how code is pieced together) on the Micro:Bit text editor. Or if your coder in mind is more advanced, he or she can code the Micro:Bit with Javascript!

Whether your person in mind is a master of programming or is just starting, Micro:Bits are a valuable tool to get experience in coding and to have fun while doing it!

Perler Beads

summer code camp perler beads projects

Ah, nostalgia at its finest. If you haven’t played with Perler Beads before, they are small plastic beads that can be put together then melted to create a 2D piece of art that can turn into any trinket that you would like!! As these art pieces give a pixelated look and are often limited to the size of the beads’ board, those who play with Perler Beads have to solve design problems. These types of conundrums could be defined as problems that contain specific restraints that a person has to think around. Solving design problems is commonly found in the workplace. Designers, inventors and more have to figure out solutions to a problem when presented with specific constraints. For example, what kind of device should be made to help a person who is quadriplegic play a video game? How do you design a functional website that can fit on a cell phone screen and a desktop computer screen?


summer code camp after school program bloxels game project

Does your child like playing video games? Have they ever wanted to try designing their own video game? Bloxels is a great place to start. Bloxels is a toy in which a user puts specific blocks into a game board, scans into an app (which is free by the way) and allows the user to interact with whatever they built digitally! The user can build levels, characters and more with their blocks then bring what they made to life with the app! It is a great way for your child to problem solve, design and just have a ball! Who knows… You might be looking at a future employee of Nintendo. You’re welcome.

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