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Exciting Announcement! We are Partnering with Bitty!

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  • May 01, 2019
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ST. GEORGE, Utah, April 30, 2019 -- Have you or your kids ever wanted to be a musician or a DJ? Who hasn’t? Well we have the solution for you. Introducing Bitty--the amazing portable drum machine and synthesizer that fits inside your pocket (Complete with speakers!). We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with Bitty, the company that produces these amazing synthesizers, to teach future CodeChangers how to get down with these music generators and their software. Click here to pledge to help Bitty today!

What is Bitty? Glad you asked. This little device combines programming, software, pocket-sized hardware and music to enable you and your loved ones to jam out anytime. With your Bitty, you will be able to rock out to your own compositions, experiment with new sounds and just simply play awesome music. Are you already an advanced musician? Perfect! You can whip out some wicked beats with these little guys that will wow your musical comrades. If you are an advanced coder, the Bitty is for you too! You can actually code onto the little device itself, making your musical products one of a kind. Beginning musician or coder? That’s great! The Bitty is here for you! According to Bitty’s post on Kickstarter, this little device comes out of the box ready to be played and composed on.

The connection with CodeChangers and Bitty all started when Jason Schallenberger and Garett Garcia, the executives of CodeChangers, met the founder of Bitty, Nick Chelyapov, at the Maker’s Fair in New York. As if it were destiny, these three became fast friends. Fast forward to today, CodeChangers is now incorporating these small drum machines and synthesizers into their teaching curriculum to help students get down with technology and music. These two companies will help students learn the relationship between coding, software and hardware, and how these elements can be combined to make an amazing product—in this case, music.

But we can’t do this alone! Come pledge to help and/or learn about Bitty today. These amazing products deserve all of our support. With them, we will be able to help more kids learn about new technology, programming, and, best of all, how to make beautiful music! Check out Bitty’s website and learn how to help and get to know this little synthesizer and drum machine. Just remember us when you are a famous musician.

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