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We the Digital Citizens

  • Sydney
  • June 29, 2020
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The internet is a wonderful resource—but can be a very dangerous place to be. It is now becoming more and more important to teach kids about the dangers of being online. However, how do you go about addressing serious subjects such as avoiding predators, giving out personal information or even teaching how to smoothly transition from on-screen activities to non-screen activities? Well, Common Sense Media’s youtube channel is a great resource to go to. With a series of fun videos geared towards young children, these onlines lessons cover these serious subjects in fun and entertaining ways through animation and song!

Sit down with your child and talk to them personally about the internet. Make clear rules and expectations to follow. Also look into purchasing software that can track internet activity and protects the computer from questionable content and viruses. There are a lot of resources for parents that want to help protect their children’s online presence. Here is a useful article you can review as well! Or check out Common Sense Media’s website here!

Check out some of the Digital Citizen videos here, or watch this playlist! Let us all pledge to be a good Digital Citizen—and make the world a safer place!

We the Digital Citizens

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