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Why “Design is not Important or a Necessary Job” is a Busted Myth

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  • April 16, 2019
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ST. GEORGE, Utah, April 16, 2019 --

There is a common misconception that fields of design are not necessary or as important as other jobs. However, fields of design can be very profitable, desired and rewarding careers. So if you or your kids are interested in learning about design or art - Fantastic! Fields such as Graphic Design, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are needed in our ever changing world - especially in the fields of technology. Design makes a bigger difference than most people think.

First impressions - a Graphic Designer’s specialty. Graphic Design is a broad field where designers create items such as icons, advertisements, logos, book covers and more. Great - but is Graphic Design that important? Actually, yes - if you want a company to make money. In the article “6 Reasons why Graphic Design is More Important to Your Business Than You Think,” by Clancy Clarke 2, Graphic Design builds unity and professionalism to industries and businesses. Alternatively, poor design can actually hurt a company. Let’s take a look at logos for instance. Clarke mentions that “...A logo... only has a fraction of a second to make a first impression. A design that looks cheap will cast an unfavorable light on your business, and it can be difficult to break the impression that your company cannot afford a professional design” 2. Graphic Designers carefully craft items such as logos and color schemes - not just for aesthetic purposes, but to ensure future business and long-lasting impressions.

The phrase, “If looks could kill,” (kill business that is) is a real factor in UI Design. UI Design is a field that builds the layout of items such as websites and apps. They ensure that elements, such as buttons, are laid out in an intuitive way that helps customers reach a goal 1,5. For example, Billy would like to buy a toy car. Great! So Billy loads the webpage of a random toy shop… but where is the button that shows where he can buy a toy? Now he can only find a menu for buying dolls. He clicks and clicks, and after several tries, he gives up and asks his mom to go to a different store in town. That toy shop may have had several toy trucks available - but that business lost a customer. In the article “The Importance of Great User Interface (Plus 7 Commandments of a Great UI Design)” by BWired.com1, points out that UI Design “can mean the difference between acquiring and retaining customers and prospects or deterring them from ever returning.” In fact, businesses think that UI Designers are important enough that the average, annual base pay of a UI Designer is $80,450 3. That’s a lot of toy trucks.

UX and UI Design are very similar fields, however, we’ll discuss the jobs separately. Basically, UX Designers are responsible for the overall experience of the user’s interaction and ability to accomplish a given goal (e.g., buying a present off of Amazon). 1 puts it this way: “...UI is the TOOLS and ELEMENTS that you use to communicate or interact with the device (i.e. desktop), while UX is the internal FEELING (or experience) the user has as they interact with the device.” Since Billy had difficulty figuring out the website and buttons (Hint: UI Design), he had a difficult and frustrating experience (UX Design). UX Designers “...[plan] user journeys through an app, website, or product; and sketching of user interface designs and specifications. It’s the UX designer’s job to meet with clients and customers, and plan out the product to enable them to meet their goals in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible” 5. Businesses are realizing that customers such as Billy want to complete goals (such as purchasing an item) more and more quickly. So companies are willing to pay handsome salaries - oh let’s say maybe an average base pay of $90,697 per year - for UX Designers 4. Are UX Designers important? You betcha. That toy store would have kept Billy as a customer if their design was better. Maybe Billy should become a UX designer.

It is a common myth that design is not an important or a desirable field to go into. However, designers are the forefronts of companies, websites, and apps. In fields such as Graphic Design, UI Design and UX Design, companies are able to provide good first impressions, help customers navigate cyberspace, and provide positive and memorable experiences. This is why Code Changers implements design courses within our after-school and camp programs. With Designers, our world is a much more beautiful, organized and manageable place.

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