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Why go tech?

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  • February 28, 2019
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Why go tech? Well, new technology is coming out every day. And with this frequent and huge onslaught of the newest and greatest electronics and software, there is always a need for expertise. By examining technology’s past, present and future, its career outlook is absolutely bright.


Since the 1980’s, technology has erupted from being Star Trek fantasies to everyday appliances. From touch screen phones, to Alexa, we assure you that Captain Kirk would be impressed with our gadgets. But as these devices become more and more available to the public, the need for more professionals to fill technology occupations has increased dramatically. In fact, “between 2009 and 2015, over 80,000 net STEM jobs were added to the U.S. Economy” (Fayer, Lacey, & Watson, 2017). However, this past growth is just the beginning.


Welcome to the Information Age. Technology is in everywhere we look. It’s in our pockets, cars, ovens and even baby cradles! And all we want is more. This is why many companies are willing to pay handsome salaries to any STEM professional they take on (UI Designer Salaries in United States, n.d., Software Engineer Salaries in United States, n.d.; Electrical Engineer Salaries in United States). Remember that computer nerd that everyone would make fun of in grade school? He’ll probably be making six digit incomes and be your boss someday… Karma at its finest.


The word, “Growth,” is the best way to describe the outlook of technology. With STEM jobs predicted to grow by 13% between 2017 and 2027, you can be assured that the future of this field is bright (Economic Modeling Specialists, n.d.). In fact, there is fear that there won’t be enough employees to fill these future jobs (Nielsen, 2018)! So what can we do? Many believe the future of technology lies in our children (Nielsen, 2018). We can start by teaching our children skills such as programming, design and engineering early. By doing so, these newly-learned abilities can be loved, learned and mastered earlier and therefore future generations have the chance to pursue profitable and fulfilling careers sooner.

By investing in our children’s future, we will be able to provide the chance for them to learn invaluable skills, such as programming, early. And with its history of seemingly-never-ending progress, technology will always have the need for more experts in its field–ensuring a bright future for anyone who pursues these careers. Which then begs the question, why not go tech?

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