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Classes are held at the same time every week for the duration of the class. We have broken that into 5 week segments. This will help your students have more flexibility with other extra curricular activities and be able to take a lot of different types of classes. In the past we have web development related courses. Now we have classes in web development, programming, mobile development, tech entrepreneurship and hardware.

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Private Tutoring

If you want to get good at playing the piano you need to practice at home. With technology that can be hard sometimes, maybe you don’t have a computer or software, or if it’s like when I took piano you just don’t make time to practice. Our tutoring lab allows you to come onto a University campus in a dedicated lab for CodeChangers. We have university students in the CIT department who are there to help guide students and answer questions as they get stuck on projects or curriculum that they are working on. Contact us directly to talk through which tutor would be a good fit for your situation.

Tutoring Lab

Some of our students are pretty advanced now and need individualized attention. We also have new students that could benefit from one on one time with an instructor to build specific skills around what they like to do. Our tutoring options allow students at all levels to meet one on one or in small groups with an instructor.

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