Online Platform

Our online platform allows educators to teach web development and computer science within the school system. It is an easy to use, intuitive environment that dives deep into the technical skills need within the industry. Our target age group of students is 8-18. We license our curriculum to Public Schools, Private Schools, Charter Schools, and Home Schools nationwide.


Our curriculum allows students to learn the relevant skills needed in computer programming and web development. It is backed by leaders in the industry and is formatted in a way that is easy for students to grasp. Educators love our curriculum because it allows for a non-tech teacher to fa- cilitate learning that is taught at the college level.


Student Dashboard

The student dashboard allows students to see what badges they have earned and report on how many days they have worked in the system. It lets them see their progress in the curriculum and allows them to connect with others in their class

Text Editor

We have a built-in text editor that students can use on any device. This means that no software is required for our cur- riculum. Students can code and see in real time what they are coding.


Cloud Storage

Students can store all of their files within their accounts. They can access and edit these files wherever they are on any device. They also have their own unique domain and can control that domain within their account.

Help Chat

Most of the time the problems that teachers and students run into are simple fixes. We offer an online help chat that allows students and teachers to communicate with experts from CodeChangers if they run into problems and need quicker assistance.