Dixie State University

June 4th - 7th

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Located in: St. George, UT

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Located about hour away from Zion’s National Park, Dixie State University is dedicated to fields such as Computer Science and Information Technology. Throughout the year, we hold our after school programs and tutoring here. It is the perfect place to attend a camp while enjoying the famous and sunny city, St. George, Utah.
9AM--3:30 PM Camps are four days long.
Our camps are gender neutral. Any child from ages 8 to 18 can come!
Our camps are gender neutral. Any child from ages 8 to 18 can come!
Our camp is a day camp so your camper does not stay the night. We do not provide accommodations, but our camps have been strategically placed so that you and your family can easily find accomodations.
Every child’s dietary needs are a little different, so we have our campers bring their own lunches. However, what is coding and technology without pizza? On the final day of our camp, we hold a big pizza party that our campers can participate in if they would like!
Our camp is $365 (about $14/hour) for the four-day camp. But as they say, the early bird gets the worm, so we do have an early bird option available for you. Look on each camp page to get a promo code which reduces the cost to $295 (about $9/hour). Just register your kids for the camp before the early bird pricing expires!
We want to make sure that all children have a chance to experience our camp. For families and children in need, we do provide scholarships so that they can experience our activities when they would otherwise not be able to. Scholarship amounts vary on camp location. To apply for a scholarship visit https://codechangers.com/scholarship/
No experience in coding, hardware or technology is necessary to attend our camps. We welcome any of our campers with any experience to come to our camps.