The Future of the Utahn Tech Industry

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  • May 04, 2018
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ST. GEORGE, Utah, May 4, 2018 -- As the tech industry has been growing, so has its jobs--but do we have enough employees to fill up this ever growing field? Unfortunately, no. In fact, according to the KSL article, “Utah’s tech industry is No. 1 fastest-growing, but there are ‘rain clouds ahead,’” the Utahn Tech industry will have many jobs available in the future, but not have enough qualified people to fill them. Even now, 4,000 jobs in these the tech industry are unfilled, according to John Knotwell, the CEO and president of the Utah Technology Council, (Nielsen, 2018). Despite these future odds, there may be a solution that will prevent this number from getting any higher.

This solution lies with our children. In the aforementioned article, Knotwell and others “believe the answer lies in early education. If children have more opportunities to engage in STEM learning early on, they believe that interest and skill will carry over to higher education and, eventually, the workforce” (KSL). This is where Code Changers comes in. As we provide opportunities such as camps, after school courses and tutoring, we help children get a head start to potential careers. This KSL article brilliantly demonstrates the need and the reason why it is so beneficial to start your kids in the tech industry early. Check out this article to learn more: KSL Article: "Utah’s tech industry is No. 1 fastest-growing, but there are ‘rain clouds ahead'"

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