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Gaming Easter Eggs that will Scramble Your Mind

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  • February 17, 2020
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Isn’t everything just a little better with Easter Eggs? We would say so. When my co-worker Brendan suggested writing an article about this subject, how could I resist? After combing through some articles that catalogued a few of the best video game Easter Eggs you can find (links to articles below), I picked out a few of my favorites that were listed. Oh, and spoilers ahead.

1. Batman Arkham Assylum

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Holy Secret Map, Batman! Nothing is more exciting than finding a hidden map, in a secret room after blowing up a wall… (It’s better to be subtle when looking for these things). This game doesn’t fail to disappoint. According to Jacob O’Gara’s Digital Trends article, “The 50 Best Gaming Easter Eggs of All Time,” “Go into the warden’s office inside Arkham Mansion and blow up the left wall by the fireplace…” (2013). There, you will find, “Blueprints for a city-sized expansion of Arkham Asylum, a teaser for the game’s sequel, Arkham City” (O’Gara, 2013). And why is this exciting? Because it’s Batman!

2. Assassin's Creed 3

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Did you know that the Turkey almost became the United States’ official bird? Well, maybe the turkey would have won if our ancestors saw this. According to the same article listed above, when playing Assassin’s Creed 3, find a turkey at a homestead, “feed it and punch in the famous Konami Code ( that’s “up up down down left right left right B A,” of course)” (O’Gara, 2013). Your turkey will then don on the famous assassin cloak we all know and love (O’Gara, 2013)! Too bad it can’t follow you around in the game like those Disney Princess animals.

3. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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Take a trip back to the 90’s—grab a CD player and a Castlevania: Symphony of the Night game disc. According to O’Gara’s article mentioned above, put the game disc in a CD player, skip to the second track and it will play the game’s theme (2013)! Well done, Konami. Well done.

4. Silent Hill 4

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Here’s a creepy one. According to the article “The Twelve Greatest Video Game ‘Easter Eggs’”, written by Keith Stuart for The Guardian, when you play a game of peeping tom as Henry Townshend, and look “through the hole in his bedroom wall to spy on his attractive neighbour Eileen Galvin,” you will see a stuffed bunny on her bed (Stuart, 2015). But, you will regret playing peeping tom, as you should. Later in the game,“Galvin is rushed to [the] hospital and, if the player peeks into her room again”… Wait, did that rabbit MOVE? (Stuart, 2015).

Pokemon Go

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Now all Pokemon fans know the classic story of how Red (or Ash Ketchum, if you watch the shows) and Pikachu met. Red (or Ash), after some unexpected circumstances, gets Pikachu as a starter pokemon instead of a classic Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. Well, if you would like to reenact this touching scene in (sort of) real life, “…walk away from the default trio of starter Pokemon, and [after] doing this enough times [you] will see Pikachu show up, becoming available for capture” (Henry, 2017). So if you claim Red/Ash as your hero, think Pikachu is cute, and/or don’t mind electric shocks, try this the next time you start a new game.

Easter Eggs are everywhere in video games! What are some of your favorites?

Links to the video game easter eggs lists that were looked through to pick these five:

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