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Who We Teach

We believe it is important that we start teaching about STEM subjects, such as computer science and web development, early. We offer our After-School Programs to students starting at the age of 8! We provide children with a headstart in their technology education, and get them looking towards a future in STEM!

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What We Teach

From virtual reality, web development, programming, and game design to building and programming drones, we offer exciting technology experiences! Students get to sample the many flavors and opportunities the computer science and the tech industry have to offer.

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When We Teach

We know that students have many options with extracurricular activities. We have developed our courses to run for six classes or less, and can be tailored to each school’s needs. Teachers can create schedules anywhere from 5 consecutive days, to once a week for 6 weeks! Variety and personalization make our schedules unique! Students can play baseball, be in the school play, go to their piano lessons AND be enrolled in CodeChangers After-School Programs!

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